Diving Center

Octopus was created in 1994 as a Sports Club associated with underwater sports activities, specializing in underwater hunting, orientation and swimming with fins. In 1995 the commercial activity was formalized, as the Octopus Diving Center, initially with pedagogical consultancies in Universities, Technical Training Centers, Professional Technical Education, instruction in sports diving, professional and associated jobs with consultants of different specialties.
Currently, the training guidelines are aimed at professional diving, with initiation guidelines in sports with CMAS certification.
In the area of ​​professional diving services, consultancies are developed for various companies that request the different jobs, which are developed under the requirements of the Maritime Authority at the national level and ADCi guidelines.
We always continue in continuous training of our students and the staff of divers who were once students and today provide services to our company, in this underwater world.



Martes a domingo 10:00 – 18:00


Muelle barón s/n, Valparaíso – Chile


A Submarine Baptism is an aquatic activity that consists of developing a dive with an autonomous breathing equipment (bottle, regulator and vest) to an average depth of eight meters, assisted by an instructor.


Filming and photographs are an excellent alternative to record diving into the water.

At Octopus we offer diving techniques and equipment such as: face masks, helmets, communication and monitoring from the surface with the support of technologies that guarantee supports for digital, photographic and video platforms in a Windows environment.


Develop work methodologies under the ADC International standard and current national regulations aimed at safeguarding safety and efficiency criteria, in order to satisfy the most diverse needs for assistance and solutions in submarine operations of our clients.


To be your main service provider in underwater assistance requirements to meet the particular needs of your company or organization.

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