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We are a nautical sports company and specialists in Crossing Kayak whose mission is to integrate people to the sea, since it has a dynamic energy that allows human beings to connect with the deepest part of their being, that is why we want no one be excluded from living that experience. We are a country with an enormous length of coastline that gives access to the Pacific Ocean, and not everyone can enjoy it in all its splendor. That is why we are urged by the need to be able to involve more people in this beautiful world of aquatic experiences, and for this, we have certain methodologies such as; guided tours, courses, memberships, rental, among other activities to navigate autonomously.


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Guided Tours

Equipment is delivered according to two types of kayak:

  • Single or Individual Kayak – Rowing, Life Jacket, Safety Elements
  • Double or Double Kayak – Rowing, Life Jacket, Safety Elements


Knowledge Delivery

An instruction of basic fundamentals of sea kayaking, rescue and safety maneuvers is made.


  • Digital photographs, sent by mail.
  • Accompaniment of one or two guides, depending on the number of people.
  • Communication Systems (radio band marine, cellular)
  • Snack, dressing rooms with bathroom and shower.


For those most interested in Sea Kayaking and who wish to practice it safely and autonomously. The company conducts a Kayak course which has:

12 hours distributed in 4 modules, each of 3 hours carried out on different days, adapting to the needs of the student.

The contents of this course range from the history and the most basic of kayaking fundamentals, to planning a trip. Classes are conducted by teachers with courses conducted under the standards of the American Canoe Association ACA (International Rowing Sports Instruction), therefore students receive instruction based on the parameters taught by ACA.

At the end of this course, Kayakea Chile grants a Certificate that approves the completion of the Sea Kayak course, in addition, which provides navigation autonomy and personal safety for those who wish to participate in the basic Sea and Crossing Kayak training.

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